for last weeks visual thinking for magazines assignment we got to make an opening image for the article "the storm over salt". Panicking over not having a good salty image on sunday night I went into the darkroom, poured salt crystals on Darkroom RC paper and exposed it. Here's my photogram of salt.
Click the tiny image to enlarge it, to see it in layout.


getting chinese takeout with giovana, from school, on wednesday night.
hasselblad 500cm, love.


this image was shot for another assignment in visual thinking for magazines - to make a provocative portrait. and for anyone who's seen shame (by steve mcqueen), you'll recognize the projection. so, does this provoke you?
shot with my newfound love, hasselblad 500cm. i might do a series of these, haven't really decided on the criteria yet though.

what is beauty?

i'm still alive! but i spend most of my time printing in the schools darkrooms, reading for art history or trying to figure out what to make of my very philosophic portraiture class. in this weeks history essay i'm discussing the concept of beauty and how that changes dependig on "beauty lighting", retouching and how far we can go with photoshop to make people beautiful - and the fact that i treat an image differently if i am in it... and how an image can possibly go from beauty/fashion to art with just post-processing.
i have printed these out in postcard size and pasted them together, to make them double sided, to hand in in class tomorrow. now, bedtime!
the photos were taken during my lighting workshop with frank franca with my group including hadi fallahpisheh, amy xian luo and marc qimeng zhao.

natural happiness

classes are going well. i am, by far, most excited about my film photography class and i am spending a great deal of my time in the film labs and darkrooms. but i have to revert back to digital for some assignments, where i actually have to know what i am doing. i shot this for an assignment in visual thinking for magazines, tought by clinton cargill from new york magazine. the assignment was to create a photograph to go with the article "natural happiness". 
i will try and show you a few shots from this weekends lighting workshop with frank franca very soon. and some more negative film scans!


here's my new classmate, hope davis!

my first month III / my first films

i have finally learned how to develop my own film and i've learned how to scan my negatives. falling in love with process... here's a selection of my favorite negatives, so far.
1, 2. fernando in west village. 3, 4. west village. 5. celeste on a hungover afternoon. 6-11. drinking game night with roommates, celeste, aaron and ashlei. 12-22 wine night at sofia's with miguel, chad and mattia. 21, 23, 24. fernando in west village and outside school in midtown.

my first month II

since i moved to new york i've made a lot of new friends, spent numerous nights in numerous bars, learnt how to develop my own film, photographed the climate march and snuck in to 5 pointz, to name a few. oh, and school is fantastic!

1+2. francisco during gallery tour in chelsea. 3. meskie. 4. chad at 5 pointz before they tore it down. 6. david, sick of gallery tour in chelsea. 7. david in dumbo. 8+9. aaron and celeste portraying americaan youth. 10+11. people's climate march. 12. celeste.

my first month

a selection of polaroids from my first month in new york city. i love the school, the city, the people! i feel very much at home here. 

lighting with frank franca

my first real class of icp has been a weekend workshop in lighting with frank franca. it's been an amazing, inspiring weekend in the studio. we've worked with continuous lights and cinematography and will start focusing on strobe light next weekend. this is the result of my group's scene.
photo credits; alia chakukova, roberto andrade martini, cristias rosas and me.

running to the sea

a couple of shots i did with my very, very best friend back in sweden, to present once i got to icp. now i've been here for almost three weeks. i love the city, the people, and above all, i love the school. 
i will update more once i get more into a daily routine, but for now i'm pretty active on instagram, @petronellaaslund.

tyagi schwartz

a guy from school brought me, and a couple of other icp students, to see tyagi schwartz in his light workshop, which is amazing. the lamps he creates are magnificent, to say the least, and he is a really cool character.


there's been a week and one day since i first set my foot in icp's school facilities. i already feel like this is where i truly belong, which is a magnificent feeling. it's going to be a tough and intensive year, but i am so convinced that i am going to have so much fun.
my main focus right now, apart from getting myself to think in photographs again, is making friends. last night i went to a rooftop party in brooklyn with some of the ta's from icp (teacher's assistants for you swedes). incredible. i'm making friends and i feel fantastic.
find more frequent updates on my instagram, @petronellaaslund.

coney island

went to coney island yesterday and stumbled onto a great big techno/house day party! then finished the night off with a gallery opening and drinks with my roommates. and i made a lot of new amazing friends!

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