tri colour

into the deep


chris colfer


uk: this made my day

scotland, june 2010.

where is my mind?

it's on christmas vacation.

the prettiest boots in the world

robert sheehan

via imwillingtogiveitatry | robert sheehan from misfits. the funniest guy. the immortal one.



the men with guitars



big.tree | hoping to get something fisheyeeeeey for christmas tomorrow!

feel like doing something like this

big.tree | i think this would feel very good right now.

before the sun set

how about living here?

so let's make time work for us? | i'm home.

blowing snow

with linn stenberg. 

la luna

wednesday | this was taken from inside our car while going about 120 kilometers per hour. i kinda like it.

the lamp in granpa's living room

before the sun set today

i had a great christmas eve

yesterday | i'll show you some great pics from today later.

merry christmas

graffiti christmas

stockholm city

tuesday | christmas eve today. i kinda like it.

santa's coming tonight!

desirée brutar #2

desirée brutar #1

another canon than mine

tuesday | emzak's canon.

mr. dylan

tuesday | i want that cd.

i miss you stockholm

tuesday | and i only left you yesterday...

the dancing devil

happy green guy

donuts with smarties

yesterday in town | you find many pretty things while christmas shopping. things that's not usually there.

emilie z #2

yesterday on the tube | emzak's reflection.

kaya scodelario


he made a piano

anyone who scrolls past this video is REALLY MISSING SOMETHING!

surfer's beach


@ bengans

today @ bengans | i love this store.

i'm seeing colours, floating through my mind

today | i wanna paint something with lovely water colours. like now.

emilie z

with emilie zakrsewska.

feather light


ffabs | about to make myself a big cup of hot chocolate with marsmallows.

row row row your boat

big. tree | that looks way warmer than outside my window. i'm cold!

the cloud barrel

big. tree


yesterday | i love the christmas lights all over town.

from misfits

teabags | coolest misfits episode.

spread your wings

via veras


the first ginger bread house

saturday | me and sara spent the entire saturday baking ginger bread and "lussebullar".

saturday night

generation two

shaunni | generation two. i'll miss you.

café string #three

today at brunch | i absolutely love everything about this place. it's called perfection.

café string #two

today at brunch | my prettiest, best friend who leaves for africa very, very soon.

café string

at brunch today | i'm still not hungry.

crazy weather out today

with signe edström. / had brunch with little signe today. it's snowing like mad outside!

instructing swimming

friday | i love these kids. my swimming children!

physics class

yesterday in physics class | that is some strange elctricity stuff our teacher showed us.

more christmas cards

a few more of my hand made christmas cards. i think they're cool. what to you think?

stop oh mary

school's out!

no idea | christmas holidays, here i come!

last day of schooooooool!

august | last day of school for the pretend fire-fighters!!! wohooooo!!!

can you see her breath? #one

merry christmas, people!

scanned just now | in two days i've made 30 different versions of christmas cards. different colours, photos, bodies, and so on... now i'm done!!!

too tired for school

spanish class | but don't worry, it's only one day left in school before christmas vacation!

can you see her breath? #two

yesterday afternoon | one can see my breath too.

throwing snow

with ulrika bygdeman.

snow stars

a few days ago while i was waiting for the bus | i like snow.

totally cool


we went to england for two weeks and WE LOVED IT!

mid june this year | i am planning to go back to st ives next summer and mybe get a job there.

i love you

photo by victoria fletcher.

when i'm finding it hard to breathe

blue legged people

october, at a haloween masquerade.

something very random

september | what is going on in this photo???

air balloons


mr big ben

june 2010 | I WANNA GO TO LONDON!!!

let's fly to london

the gentleman amateur | i really, really want to go to london right now.

in the making of ginger bread cookies



the marauders map

with britannia in the background


heart striped lomo

such a beauty.

damn, that's blurry

misfits opening

ginger bread cookies

yesterday | check out the pigs!

graffiti 6

fisheye one

I WANT YOU FOR CHRISTMAS! or at least my birthday!

my boots

freddie and effy #two

effys | "i love you..."

two beauties

school, pt 3

yesterday | wtf?

oscar karlsson

yesterday | some pics for linnéa, tihi!

school, pt 2

yesterday | happy people (?) during a short little break, haha!

school, pt 1

today | black and white, whoopie!

olivia III

with olivia dahlqvist.

two true smiles

a few weeks ago | they just knocked their heads together just before this was taken.

fanny fristedt

yesterday | kinda cool pic. we tried to get the breath-fog stay in the photos. we didn't succeed, haha!

wild hearts can't be broken

via wildheartscantbebroken | if you only knew that i want you.

cameras and shoes

via weheartit

summer wouldn't be so bad right now

august | i just woke up and it's absolutely freezing in my room. don't really feel like leaving the bed. but i've got a spanish exam in two hours, sooo...

under water #three

monday | this is tough.

pretty girls? haha!

monday | how could you not laugh at this? i think it's hilarious!

oceans blue

mum, i am gay! | amazing photographs! looks freezing though..


with petronella åslund/me.

sponge bob cups


john lennon

via weheartit

paint the silence

night volley

the night between monday and tuesday | at least we won one game out of three. not too bad, really!

the first day

saturday | well, this is gonna be a long entry. no, maybe not so long. my name is petronella, i am seventeen years old and live in stockholm, sweden. i study natural sciences and rescue services at värmdö gymnasium. i also work as a swimming instructor for little children. that brings me too this: i was a swimmer for plenty of years before i quit and started boxing two springs ago. then i quit that too because i had to focus on school. after christmas i am actually going back to boxing and i am so excited!

now, that was facts. doesn't really say who am, does it? hehe, when i am happy i am really happy and talkative and witty. i am always very, very creative. sometimes when i wake up in the middle of the night and have an idea i get up i and work on it until it's finished. at the same time i can say that i am the kid that always wants to be a bit diffrent. i mean it's not funny to look like everyone else or shoot mainstream photographies. at least i don't think so.

well, that didn't turn out the way i'd planned it. and yes, this is now a long entry. at least i finished the first task!

james cookie cook

??? | jack o'connel - james cookie cook.

effy stonem, kaya scodelario

via s-k-i-n-s

elle competition

just entered a little competition with elle and loreal. click the picture to get there.

make love not war

with linn stenberg & petronella åslund/me.

someone lost a glove

ten years with the beatles

maxim dalton

snow is all around us

last week | we love snow.

quote lemony snicket

(Jess Marie)


ian komac | i like!

emma l

emma l on lookbook

life in snapshots

lifeinsnapshots | i feel like doing something like this in my room right now.

mando mando mando!

the half of my class

from swimming today | and now we're away playing a volleyball cup in the middle of the night.

time for night volley!

this friday | wohoo, a night of night volleyball! we're gonna win this!

lars winnerbäck

july | i love him.

snowy days IV

with linn stenberg. 

fuckyeahhippies #2

via weheartit | still wanna be a hippie.

under warter #two

august | swimming with rescue services today. uw-camera comes along.

idylls and utter enchantments

owlsnest | i wanna be a hippie.


poppycockburn | what's up with the name? haha!

life's hard

with petronella åslund/me.

skins g1


naked snow II

with linn stenberg.

naked snow I

with linn stenberg.

canon camera

damn, it's only now i see how dirty my lens is. time to do something about that?

pinky promise of peace

me. / i wanna make one of these someday. about the 12th of febuary, because then my parents can't stop me!

snowy days III

me. / perfect day, that was... a bit cold maybe, but perfect.

i am not a robot!

snowy days II

with linn stenberg.

snowy days

me. / been out a lot today and i had a great time!



make love not war



melodicshot | hoping we'll do something like this out on the snowy field we're in.

beautiful in black and white

in school

the taller and the shorter

thursday | i like those two girls.

the other pretty couple

today in school | singing love is all around us, haha! they're so sweet, right?

miss winter

today in school | such a happyface, don't you think?

a very beautiful painting

interwinedinyou | such a pretty painting.

snowy, early morning

yesterday morning, waiting for the tube | look at that light!

let me stand next to your fire

handwritten heart

handwritten heart | true

micheal kelso / ashton kutcher

cellar door | that is so true! micheal kelso's got to be one of the wises telly characters of history!

baby brother sixteen

with albin åslund. / today's my baby brothers birthday. now he's sixteen!

while the fog left stockholm

yesterday | it was so foggy yesterday and this is just whilst the fog started to thin out.

ice stars

this morning while waiting for the tube | how beautiful?!

girls #two

two more of my classmates!

the party hat

zappablamma | what if someone just saw a horse with a party hat and called it a unicorn?

girls #one

today | my pretty classmates.

the pretty couple

today, before math class | how pretty aren't they!? :)

on the electric cabinet

just after lunch today | so cool, but still a bit creepy with the mask.

pretty couple in the snow


david boyson cooper

boyson | sunlight! give me sunlight!

happy birthday, sara

danske | happy birthday to birthday girl sara!

4th and bleeker #five


4th and bleeker #four


a les paul version

karin bylund | i've got to start playing again!

pretty in braid

davidshama | how cool is that braid! it totally makes the entire look!

like it's been done all winter long

olivia l | that dress and those shoes...

i thought what you said, just one second before

hanna b | layers!











blackandwhite #two

yes, it's quite a mess

a few minutes ago | time to clean up? fuck yeah! today i really don't mind doing it, because i feel so great!

fanny fristedt

yesterday | snowy days? yes, it is! (fanny on picture)

so called mr. rock 'n roll

way up high

with johan carls.

yesterday, before yoga class

pretty girls ♥

"sophie left me in a bar at the bottom of the world"

mum, i am gay! | i can't get enough of this girls' photograhpies, so wonderful.

joakim times two

with joakim engqvist. / hopefully these shots we'll get him a job. woop woop!

the mask

mum, i am gay! | really cool photographies. i love the mask.

feel a bit like this

mum, i am gay! | god, my room is freezing! really, really freezing. and my radiator isn't heating fast enough.