the wall

i'm gonna see pink floyd in may. so excited!



cubagallery | really cool pic.

early winter morning


yesterday | lots of snow right now, but it's the same as outside!

the iq-level of this

snow is all around us II

with johan carls.

playing rugby





i am the walrus, kookookachoo

yousnoozegeluz | so so so true!

the dark mark

fuckyeahvoldemort | how fucking awesome?! i want it!

floating in mid air

with johan carls.

a swing for children

inside of an old bus

today | this kinda freaks me out. it's scaaaaary, haha!

the globe

yesterday | i like it when they light up ericsson globe. makes me feel like i know where i am, haha!

keep on walking

yesterday | fuck yeah, i love this gif!

window reflection

the lonely bench

yesterday | this is always the lonely bench. it's put in such a wierd place that it can't ever look anything but lonely.

out getting dirty

last monday | probably out doing something like this right now. god, i love mondays!

grafiti paint

yesterday | something about grafiti painted places. there's soul to them.

oh my god

yesterday | found this sprayed onto a lonely rock. now it looks a bit less lonely.

freddie and effy #four

run fanny, run!

tonight | we went out for a long walk and ended it with an even longer talk.

glögg from cloudberries

beachy balloons

we r who we r | beautiful...

johan carls IV

with johan carls.

ginger bread

today | damn my craving for ginger bread! i wanna make my own. soon!

angel in our window


with hans karlsson.

johan carls III

with johan carls.

tea and physics

yesterday at café statist | gonna puor myself a nice big cup of tea and do physics all day. i hate physics.

i've actually got the christmas spirit!

broke-but-not-broken | a few years has gone by with me not wanting christmas at all. now i look forward to it!

i snap u

yesterday | we found this lying around on the sidewalk, i just had to take a photograph. it looked so lonely.

a few months back II

me. / about the same time (fine, the same day) as the previous pic was shot. i liked that warm summer/fall night.

a few months back I

with olivia dahlqvist.

johan carls II

with johan carls.

watch it, you might slip

johan carls I

today | two portrait shots of johan from today. we found the coolest wall! (jcarls on pictures.)

black sabbath

a pre-taste

with johan carls.

warm hat - awesome against cold

go out!

joeadamson | gonna go out for some serious photographing outside in the stinging cold, but we love it!

good morning, folks

joeadamson | yo querría un desayuno muy grande. ¡ahora!

the dream car

cubagallery | you know, one day we'll get one of these and travel the world in it..

little red riding hood

chelsea w

we dance for stary skies

love this kind of pics. so coooooool!

make a butterfly with your hands

photography we heart | beautiful!

snowy city

yesterday | stockholm is nice with snow. pretty cold though... tihi!

concert in school, pt 2

we're cold but we're happy

yesterday | pretty girl.

i heart swedish music


hedvig yesterday | fucking hilarious!

the cheeky smile

yesterday | she always look so mischievous. love it!

almost a snow fight, almost

yesterday | a revenge for the day before yesterday, haha!


concert in school, pt 1

freddie and effy #three

effys |


yesterday | been trying to get a good shot for a photo thing themed "water". kinda hard really...

study corner

more snow

a bit tired

dunno | ehrm, i wanna go home now. i am sick of school and i am sick of maths.

effy stonem

effys | "to forgive, to forget"

fly away on my zephyr

jack savoretti

just found it on my laptop.

the quote about chris


aaron johnson #three

can't remember where i found this, but he sure is pretty.

carrying my balloons

nadja s

freddie and effy

we are now a hip pharmacy

we are now a hip pharmacy

it's been snowing

hedgehog, hehe

pleasant to listen to | how cute?

a single person

today | i was sitting in my window trying to take at least one nice snow pic, when a pedestrian passes. i captured him.

eyes on you

with anneli ohlsson.

where is it?

sometime this spring | where the hell did i put this sweater?! i really can't find it!

a way of lennon

don't remember where i found this, but the glasses totally makes the entire outfit.

this might be what i need

lifeinsnapshots | i am so very sick of all these patterns. i need a break.


zweifellos mondbetont | i've always wanted to give a goldfish to someone. just never found the right person.

zweifellos mondbetont #two

zweifellos mondbetont

cripple and the starfish

this man signs my life right now.

life in snapshots


johnny cash is my king

i swam 4000 meters today

very old one | i feel good. physically. i swam 4000 meters before work. gonna hurt tomorrow.

i'm not scared.


effys | "which was your most intense effy moment?" "THIS. i don't need to explain, do i?"

olivia V

with olivia dahlqvist.

cool chic

aafke b | love the loose jeans with the nice boots and bag. so classic and cool.

leather and fur

my daddys old bomber jacket. i love it. it's way too big for me though. sucks...

rockie nolan #one

rockie nolan | about to get to work. my work is cold. very cold. hahaha, i'll be alright. yes, i will.

loony lovegood

mudbloodpride | "hello harry.."

boys on lookbook #two

boys on lookbook #one


WE///HATECOOL | amazing.

i am lord voldemort

imnotmorrissey | harry potter mania in my blog? fuck yeah.

almost docs

i love my boots.

do the dance

cravves | do the  d a n c e , 1 2 3 4 !

cutting off the top of a car

today | at rescue services. so very happy i chose that school. i love rescue services!

ron and harry

accioronaldweasly | funniest fucking scene i the new harry potter, hehe!

the real jay adams

fuckyeahcaliboys | coolest man who's ever used a skateboard. no doubt.


ian komac


ian komac | in love with ianproductions. really.

that guitar riff!

a few months ago

me. / in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere. i like.

uk: there is a heaven on earth

i believe everyone has their own heaven. mine's in st ives, in england. that's my heaven.

wanna put out some fires

a shot of me by daniel iggström | we'll probably just do plenty of theory and some searching exercise. i want fire!

margaux lonnberg


imagination > intellegence

because imagination is so much more important than intellegence.

dobby dobby dobby

jump! #two

ian komac | this guy... i am love with his photographies, so bloody fantastic!

he shot me

yesterday | got my baby bro to shoot some pics of me as well yesterday, most of 'em look like this, haha!

lords of dogtown - music

i think it might be time for me to watch the z-boys again soon, hehe.

lords of dogtown - skip

can't remember where i found this | the coolest, and maybe the sadest, of any of the world's movie characters. but i love him anyway.

my baby brother

with albin åslund. / he's just not a little baby anymore, haha!

lords of dogtown - jay adams

dvdforum | one of the best movies of all time. seriously.


with joakim engqvist. / when we were totally out of inspiration, but i like it!

raining instead of snowing

mrsambattison | when i woke up, it was snow out. now it's just raining.

been out in the cold

with joakim engqvist. / we've been out taking hundreds of pics and now we're really, really cold. i'll show ye more.

i heart it

a note a friend left me when she left for work an early morning. i miss you, signe.

gonna go out

two months | gonna do some serious photographing with this lovely chap today. hopeing for fine weather, we are.

smurf hits

haha, i saw this picture sliding by while i was cleaning up in my room. it's from a halloween party and i was a smurf!

hope there's someone

long time no see, my friend

-livefornow | i might just spend some time with the guitar today.

lying in the middle of the road

bethany rennard | feel the connection between them.

i'm losing myself

ttanyaabee | no, i'm not. it's already too late. i've already lost myself.

"it's eating you from the inside"

sunset by the ocean

thrilld | sunsets are almost as good as when the sun rises. but just almost.

just breathe

thrilld | i know how to shoot this kinda pictures, but i never get it right. i couldn't do it like this.

the fool on the hill

four months exactly |

a sunrise is like the start of something new

under water

as much as a year ago | at work freezing my ass off.

i miss you

the atrocities

not just one pack of ciggies

-thischarmingman | no, i'm not gonna start! besides, i have no money what so ever to spend on anything, much less ciggies.


tiggerfoto | pictures of people smoking almost makes me wanna smoke. they look so cool.

shaking by the thought of... all

i feel a bit lonely.

what good does it make?

i'm too fucked up to focus, so i don't learn and i don't want to either. what the fuck am i doing there?!


yesterday | stupid cat!

it's been snowing

my mood and this cold is not a good combination. snow makes nice pictures though.

let me the fuck out of this cage!

is this what you've brought upon me?

i love you, u two

the touch of your hand

ian komac

a few of my classmates

these are almost two months old, but i still like'em.

about to see hp7


fly away on my zephyr

ian komac

restaurant sign

this place has the best food in all of stockholm. no argument there.

throwing leaves

one and a half month ago | i am truly in love with these shots. and i miss you, my friend. ♥

i feel like a big cuppa tea

but can i get one? no, because i'm in school. sob...

bringing the camera today

stockholm city hall

two months ago | i like the clouds and the colors in this pic.




in the middle of the road

in the middle of the road on one of my many photo walks. i kinda like this one.

emotional version

trying to write a chronicle but i keep fucking it up.



everything's right


uk: the backpackers' courtyard in st ives

pics taken on june 20, 2010

i am flying

ian komac | this guys' photos is so fucking amazing! so cool!

early this morning

i think i flunked the chemistry test, but i'll probably live...

i feel like watching skins

don't remember | i miss the characters! i feel like i wanna rewatch the whole thing, from season one, but i wanna do my albums as well. we'll see what happens when i get home!

olivia #two

with olivia dahlqvist. / still missing you!

the look of today


two ago | i miss you!

fuck fuck fuck chemistry!

i've got the test in half an hour and i feel like i'm gonna throw up and my pulse is sky high.

4th and bleeker #three

4thandbleeker | look how warm it is! and i'm about to freeze my non-existing bollocks off.

you are sketching yourself


guess who's got a major sleep in today?

a month ago | the one who's also got a major chemistry test today, that's who!

smores on the beach

bethany rennard | how awesome does this seem to be?

the beatles


lovely little brother

the fifth of november | my llb's gonna be here any minute now..

what's up, crazy eyes?

it's the weight of the world


at work

three moons | right now i'm at work freezing my non-existing bollocks off.

black rain

zweifellos mondbetont

zweifellos mondbetont | i like this girl's pictures. so artistic!

self portrait

fuck yeah, i have to study

i officially hate chemistry even more than i used to now. and i've got the final test tomorrow. fuck me.

fuck chemistry tests

old people fascinate me

with arne andersson. / it's something fascinating about old people. maybe because they've been through so much.

the green thingy in our window

two-three months ago | i like that little thing. it catches light and still it just hangs there.


pic via thekillingmoonconfused | imagine being able to fly...

uk: cornish beach fires

aaron's pictures | this was summer.

loving is what i got

the sun is out


freddie, cook and jj


world war

zweifellos_mondbetont | it might not be a visible war, but it's a war inside of me.

take me into your embrace


we dance for stary skies

via iminlovewith

lovely alex pettyfer

via vera's | color pics of mr pettyfer isn't anywhere near the b&w ones. i really wonder what he'd be like for real, haha!

no longer on my wrist

i've worn this for about five months now. my best mate wears its twin. it's been about to break for a long time, but i don't want it to actually break, so i took it off and now it's haning beside a picture of me and sanna.

i feel like some badass photographing

yesterday | but i've got no one to shoot and i've got to do a whole lot of chemistry...

in dreams


the swedish coast guard

uk: coast guard

well, if no one had told me late late last night i would have gone to ågesta instead of the coast guard, wo we're visiting today.

i love you, mommy

hoping for fire

a month ago | hopefully this is what i'm doing right now, but we're more likely to do a car accident or something.

'cuz i'm heading out

one moon ago | time for school and rescue sevices. jippie! i'm tired...



once there was a way

when the sun sets

july this summer | can i even imagine today how wonderful the evenings were? no.

my sister's keeper

watching my sister's keeper with mommy. it's sad.

aaron johnson #two

imnotmorrissey | hi, i'd like to marry aaron johnson, please.

it doesn't always have to end

a cold and wet november dawn


anneli ohlsson

anneli ohlsson | this might be a photo from dewitt in iowa, but i am not sure. ask anneli!

aaron johnson


i just found your note

just now | signe, i just found your note while cleaning the kitchen. i had a nice time yesterday.

oh, happy sunday

happy. just because i'm gonna spend this day doing dishes, vacuum the entire flat and study chemistry. not.

coolkid dot com

hahaha, my little brother. love this pic of him.

i am in stockholm

one for you and one for me


some people measure their plants

my grandpa measuring the growth from day to day. crazy, but loving, old man.

trying to be a child once again

life in snapshots | i like children's books, movies, telly shows and stuff. so much better than the news and the real world.

look out the window and you'll see

life in snapshots

second all time low gig

this august | this show wasn't very good (maybe because i didn't really like their newest album), but i liked it anyway.

the squirrel in our tree

playing for change

late sunsets


life through a lens #two



life through a lens

in my window


colored water

my best friend

this evening i'm gonna spend with my friend. cook a nice dinner and watch movies all night.

cooking with cucumber

the world doesn't need more booze

just picked up a package at the post office, containing my new textile bag from unf. translating the fat text it says: the world doesn't need more booze.

if i was in l a

how are you, mother earth?

don't know | john lennon. what more can you say?

linn's picture

linn took a picture of me yesterday. i liked this one a lot.

lars winnerbäck

forrest gump

hdmag | just gonna lie in my sofa and watch forrest gump over and over again. you can't see that too many times.

good morning


i remember the sunrise

a very early morning in july

bring me that horizon

joeadamson | i wouldn't mind that...

the last taxi


the man who sings my life

i love lars winnerbäck. of all the 160 winnerbäck-songs on my ipod there isn't a sigle one that i don't love.

the beatles

i have no idea were this comes from, just found it in a random file on my laptop.

josh c.

josh c.


peter lally | love this pic.

stop, in the name of love

a day in black and white #five


a day in black and white #four


4th and bleeker | i love wearing hats, but now it's way too windy to do that.

eyelash wishes, make a wish

physics class today | hedvig lost an eyelash! i hope she made a wish for something good.

i love you

a day in black and white #three

a day in black and white #two

a day in black and white #one

rain keeps falling from the sky

during spanish class

fuck yeah, we hate spanish

i can honestly say that i don't know what i'm doing in that class. it is so boring. and useless.

lovely weather today...


this is me and a friend

i am the one on the right.

this is me

tantric jazz

peter lally | i'd like to be in one of these places. they look cosy. and the name: tantric jazz. fuck yeah!

uk: pretty little beach houses

pretty litte beach houses along the shore in bournemouth, england.


watermelonsnow |  just four hours remaining of this school week. give me weekend now!

raining upwards

uk: brother and sister

i like these. hard to imagine he's two years younger than me.

uk: kyle of lochalsh

june twentyten | this might be the prettiest little town i've been to. not even a town, a scottish village!


appletraffic | off for a long day at school now. i might bring the camera. have a nice day!

one year ago

this is when i saw one of my (by the time) favourite musicians live for the first time. magic.

remeber this, my dear friend?

i miss you. remember when we made swedish pancakes and accidentally poured sugar everywhere?

please please please

a.virid | please, let me have one of these day when i wake up.

life in snapshots

life in snapshots | i just can't help but falling in love with the pics. so fantastic!

i love jimi hendrix

i lost my shoes!

watermelonsnow | look at all those pretty skirts. hehe, i love it!

love music

love music | i like this picture.

i wanna take a ride on my bike

life in snapshots | i wanna take a ride on my bike and don't ever come back here.


ben///giles | i'll be home aaaany minute now.

i might just rewatch it

allseriesmag | i so totally miss the skins-characters. they sort of became my friends. i might just rewatch all the four seasons!

4th and bleeker #two

4th and bleeker | i'm still a bit shaky since i hit that car. it wasn't bad, but i marked it anyhow. whimp...

outside in the cold

i hit a car

redoricky | oh my god! i just hit a car while driving. and it got a bump!

washing our clothes

my day in the laundry room tonight. woopie!

life in snapshots

life in snapshots | i've had a very good day. found out that i nailed the chemistry test! a minus, i love it!

it's raining cds!

life in snapshots

i'm a lot like you were

sometime this summer

sometime this summer | i miss summer. it's not actually winter yet, but when it is i'll be happy.

smoking can be so sexy

a.virid | smoking can be so fucking sexy. no, i won't start. won't start!

my old shoes on the wall

week old picture | one day i'll tell you the story of my first pair och converse.

star wars for children

kawaigirl1 | pretty stuffies.

frozen pumpkin face

life in snapshots - the beatles

life in snapshots | check out the man in the background, hehe!

one of my favourite moments #three

effy-stonem | the very best scene of entire third and fourth seasons.

so effy

coloring_help | just love this pic. so effy.

excuse me, but how awesome are you people?

on the fourth day of my blog. i love you, guys.

one of my favourite moments #two

celebrifi | effy stonem in skins. another one of my favourite moments. not because it's nice, but because it isn't.

one of my favourite moments

loco-luke | one of my favourite moments of skins.

today the snow's beautiful

a few minutes ago | no storming today, so now the snowing's lovely!

on fire

davidboysoncooper | wicked.

playstation two is the only option

i have to tell you this! i just fell off my big, comfty chair while playing tony hawk - american wasteland on my ps2!!

hoffmaestro and chraa

swedens next to best musicians.

the girl in the window

i am the girl in the window with a camera.

hello, creativity! i've missed ye!

just now | it's been so long since i worked on my albums. these are pics from last summer. got the ones from this summer yesterday. better get a move on now, don't you think?

she just smiled and laughed at me

let the sunshine


it almost makes me wanna start smoking

4th and bleeker | it almost makes me wanna start smoking, but don't worry... i won't.

it's warm there

4th and bleeker | it's warm there. it's cold here.

come with me