with signe.

spring flowers

monday night when the sun set

stockholm, 110425 | love it.

skansen II

stockholm, 110422


the perfect video

a. johnson.


snabbis the bunny

why are people so bad to each other?

via mayday- | oh my god.

day two: a black and white photo

stockholm, 110315 | i created this when i sat alone on the docks and feeling a bit blue. trying to pepp myself for a bit.

princes and princesses

via weheartit | simple perfection. i love disney!

day one: a straight-out-of-the-camera photo

stockholm, 110415 | at lunch time. desirée having sushi and sofia not getting any.

tussilago in swedish

vårtecken, vårkänslor och vårbrännor

stockholm, 110417 | loveliest, warmest, sunniest day of the year thus far! and can anyone guess who that extremely sunburnt girl is?

she holds the last of winter in her hand

with maud åslund.

the sunshine girls

stockholm, 110414 | that was amazing five minutes of the first real spring day in stockholm! it was so warm and sunny!

school times three

stockholm, 110414 | emma, a snack pack and desirée.


stockholm, 110413

dublin: street musicians and me

dublin, 110305.

dublin: 110305

dublin, 110305 | this was the day when we went home. before leaving for the airport we just had a last stroll around town. this pretty much sums it up.

dublin: map-attack!

dublin, 110305 | we thought we were lost.

a lesson in lazer

physics experiment

stockholm, 110413 | we're working with lights and optics at the moment. obviously!


stockholm, 110413 | freak-out-mode!

pelargonium graveolens

it's the dawning of the age of aquarius

i. am. aquarius!

seagulls over town

stockholm, 110315 | peace.

the tattoologist

everything via tattoologist | i want to write "imagine" on my right wrist.

morning time by my bed

dublin: shake shake shake away!

dublin, 110304 | shake away milkahakes! yum! i had a melon milkshake with milky way stars in it!


last summer when me and sanna was in london, before the interrail, we went to see hair the musical (and that was the cast above)! now i'm gonna see the swedish version of hair! so happy!

dublin: irish museum of modern art and a mail box

dublin, 110304 | i miss dubiln.

dublin: once upon a time...

howth, ireland, 110303 | i love this.

cool one

stockholm, 110219 | i realized i haven't even looked through the pics from my birthday dinner. i think the time has come.

such random people

stockholm, 110407 | you can tell from the trees that stockholm was so so so windy yesterday!

waiting for the bus

by the river called liffey

dublin, 110302.

moments from school

stockholm, 110407 | say hi to liverpool, tim and linn, johanna and sofia! lots of love!

self portrait

love yourself!

with me.



full of fantasy

the beatles

09nve: the second production

profile person

breakfast in america

in my stone washed jacket

riding a bus from "school"

easter lillies

stockholm, 110404 | how original taking pictures of flowers. eeeh, no? i made a gif instead!


bandhagen, 110404.

the hand

from last week

stockholm, 110328 | this was a good day.

the space bus

heavenly chocolate cupcake with raspberry glacing

speaking of cool glasses

cool eyes

stockholm, 110331 | johan carls has got the cooooolest sunglasses ever!

poladroided skies

from sometime when there weren't snow all over.

baking cupcakes

stockholm, 110219 | these are the delicious ones that i made for my birthday dinner, but i wouldn't let my family try them. tonight they'll get cupcakes!


polaroids! sadly, they're not reaaaal..

today's desktop

just started a little project! i'll show you soon enough!