marcus appelberg II

my friend marcus appelberg.

marcus appelberg

more to come.


52 themes

tomorrow i'm starting a one year-project. every monday i'm gonna take a note and read the theme and do something on it.


a day in july

the sims medieval

biggest nerd of all time. i love it.

market place

this sunday. had the best market day.

past few days

now i'm not gonna spend my entire days in a swimming pool. i'm going to start dragging my lovely canon box with everywhere i go again.

"the fire"

mother & brother

plenty of love

you'll find all the sources on my weheartit.

pretty little people

the latest from my tumblr. have barely touched my camera in weeks. i am truly disappointed in me.

tea time III

having a cup of tea in another one of the odd mugs.

tea time II

i've just started my very own collection of odd cups. gonna be awesome.

nathan young

i'm the hell

tea time

all of july

mum's new zealand photos V

mum's new zealand photos IV

the island X

the island IX


hitchhiking in new zealand.


mum's new zealand photos III

my beloved