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cool guys + a very tough gal

mad hatter

110225 | there's something about this photo...

09nve - a photographic production

with my urge to make a movie and with my lack of a filming function on my camera this is what i came up with. but still, i kinda like it. it's different! hope you'll enjoy! lots of love.

torpshammar: can't touch this

torpshammar, 110222.

torpshammar: by the fire

torpshammar, 110222.

torpshammar: can you see the ghost in the fire?

torpshammar, 110222.

torpshammar: stary sky

torpshammar: stary sky

torpshammar: gathered around the fire

torpshammar, 110222.

torpshammar: gathered around the fire

torpshammar, 110222.

torpshammar: people three

torpshammar: people two

torpshammar, 110222 | still preparing things for the night.

torpshammar: fire

torpshammar, 110222.

torpshammar: woodchucks

torpshammar, 110222 | we had to chop wood so that we could burn it in the "fire place" in our tent, just to keep warm during the night. cuddly!

torpshammar: people

torpshammar 110222 | edgar, linn, hedvig and johanna.

torpshammar: tired people

torpshammar 110222 | yes. we were tired.

torpshammar: in our tent

tuesday afternoon | this was a very big tent.

torpshammar: setting up our tent

tuesday afternoon | here we are, in the wild, setting up our tent in the snow. with a little help from jörgen, of course.

torpshammar: chilling time two

monday evening | can you see how tired we are? haha!

torpshammar: chilling time

monday evening | a few of my mates and me chilling with our rescue services teachers. lovely.

torpshammar: scary empty hallway

monday evening | all the people up in torpshammar said that the house where we stayed was haunted. and i, who's quite afraid of ghosts was terrifyed walking down this empty hallway, all by myself. can you blame me?

torpshammar: bus ride

monday morning | busride in to "town". this is a bunch of very tired people, haha!

torpshammar: first photos

sunday afternoon.

london: camera battle

camden market 110212 | canon compact vs canon dslr.


tuesday night | hi ya! been away with my classmates for a few days. we went to torpshammar, up north, to learn of winter rescue services and to camp outside in the snow. i'll show tons and tons of photos!

see you in a few days


mind your head

flowers and hearts

physical education

happy face

yesterday | i was out yesterday! at a bar. my first, haha! lovely!

serious faces

jack o'connell

random source.

wednesday: birthday girl

smoke and steam


"i'm just resting my eyes for a bit.."

photo borrowed without permission from miss desirée. yes, that's me..

jack the lad

random source

london: some café in notting hill

london 110211 | really cool place. too bad the food wasn't as good. but tea was lovely!

london: bagpiper man

london 110211 | bagpiper man on the bridge behind the house of parliament. he seemed a bit grumpy. maybe because it was a bit cold then, but still: way warmer than cold sweden! and he played "amazing grace"!

london: portobello cupcake

london 110211 | i have to start making my cupcakes! really, i have to.

london: big ben and the house of parliament

london: twinkle

london 110212 | i just like this because of the little twinkles in the glasses.

london: the story about the ice cream

london 110212 | while ordering our main courses at jamie's italian my mum "accidentally" mentioned it was my birthday. so! when we got our desserts our lovely waitress (i think her name was jess) had put a little birthday candle on my mango sorbet and she'd written "happy birthday" in fantastic chocolate sauce!


london: jamie's italian

london 110212 | for my birthday we had the most amazing dinner at jamie oliver's restaurant in covent garden. the food was awesome and our waitress was lovely!

london: westminster no. 1

london 110211 | god, all the photos of me are on mums camera. which is at her place. here's one for you to start out with, until i get my hands on it.

london: wembley plaza and wembley arena

london 110211 | yeah, we stayed right beside the wembley stadium, in our room at the wembley plaza.

london: airport breakfast

london 110210 | we were kinda stupid. we didn't have any breakfast before we left for london. that meant we'd been up for about six hours before we had breakfast. not too smart, haha!

london: we're flying!

somewhere between sweden and the uk 110210.

london: tack mamma

london 110212 | isn't she beautiful?! isn't she the best mum who brought me on this trip?!

london: the lion king

london 110212 | ...we went to see the lion king on my birthday! i think that was one of the most fantastic things i have ever seen. when i began both me and my mum started crying, simply because it was so beautiful.

london: camden market

london 110212 | lovely camden. we spent the a few of my birthday hours out in camden market before we went to see...

happy birthday, coco!

london: camera battle

london 110212 | canon compact vs. canon dslr.

london: right behind the portobello market

london 110211

london: cool bubble guy

london 110211 | we're still on portobello road: mum and i were in a lush store and the guy that worked there showed us all the stuff you can do with their products. he was really cool!

london: the scottish tweed store

london 110211 | this looked so sweet when we passed it on portobello road. that little tweed jacket was so tiny!

london: regret that i didn't buy one...

london 110211 | there were quite a few of the stores on portobello road that sold these necklaces and i am sorry to admit that i did not buy one. bugger... i really liked them.

london: the clown fiddler

london 110211 | how often do you see a guitar-and-harmonica-playing clown?

london: the bride and groom

london 110211 | on the bridge, just below the big ben, there were a newly wed couple taking their wedding photos. both looked lovely. and i have to tell you, the photographer was one of the funniest things i've ever seen. maybe i'll show you.

london: too bad you're blurry, man..

portobello road, london 110211 | i was taking a picture of the lovely houses when the myterious man on the bike flew by making a funny face at me.

london: portobello road

london, 110211 | loveliest place in the wide world. no kidding.

i love london

london 110211 | we had such a lovely time. looking through all the photos right now. i'll show you pics from portobello, camden, more from westminster, oxford street, london aquarium and more. hope you'll enjoy. at least i did!

my happy happy birthday!

my happy birthday

london, babies!

taking off! now!

marios gemeliaris

english boy

voy a londres mañana! going to london tomorrow!

heorot2107 and claudio_cesarano

the lion king

in the underground

are we in canada? no, we're in stockholm!

you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, and so on

taken yesterday | lovely morning, that was.

dear nella. err, no, that's me!

just looking a little insane. nothing serious about it.

dear karolina

morning glory, ey?

sir john lennon


lovely blue balloon

the deathly hallows

via longlivegoodbye

finding nemo


abbey road

via happymightgounlucky


rusted root again

lovely blue balloon #2

flowers flowers flowers!

mister edgar and mister joakim

beautiful miss desirée

off for school

miss ninetythreesecrets at a especially boring maths lesson.

my new obsession

girls waiting for a bus in the middle of nowhere

this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you eat an apple on the bus

you are so poisonous

tuesday at the butterfly house | almost forgot to show you the little frog!

a fish

tuesday at the butterfly house | i really think i saw more fish than butterflies there.

he is the camera man

tuesday | dan is the camera man. damn, that was a lame one. :)

chica hermosa

tuesday | isn't she beautiful?!

spin my head right round

tuesday while waiting for the bus | watch out for the crazy eyes!

colour my world in beautiful colours

chicas cansadas

my wall

looks crazy on pic. looks awesome in reality!

hello, darling dear

the butterfly house #8 two's a couple

the butterfly house #7 crazy eyes included

yesterday at the butterfly house | from cocoon to butterfly

the butterfly house #6 and the ugly catfish

the butterfly house #5

yesterday | a butterfly at the butterfly house. i like it there. :)

the butterfly house #4

coolest bird ever! kept whistleing and saying meow!

the butterfly house #3

the butterfly house #2

today at the butterfly house | you should have seen the cocoons! there were so many of them! i'll show ye more later!

the butterfly house #1

una flor

today at the butterfly house | one lovely place, that is.

butterflies #2

yureiko | maybe i'll show you my wall art later! tihi..!


photographyweheart | going to go watch butterflies today. have a nice one!