mum's new zealand photos II

mum's new zealand photos


wednesday night

edgar and desiree.

analogue II

i've decided i'm gonna scan some of my mum's old photographs. gonna be so awesome. and with better quality.

analogue I

i developed my first negatives and scanned them today. i'm kinda proud.

the island IX mackerel

the island VIII

the island VII

with elvira & ludvig.

the island VI

with elvira & ludvig.

summer feet

the island V

the island IV

my cousin.

the island III

the island II

the island

that tiny little house on the first photograph i my house. i love it.

albin flinkas


all sources on my tumblr.

where are all the people

sources on my tumblr.

i miss you

stockholm at twilight


air balloons

alina alina alina

daniel boyacioglu

the girl in the kitty mask

with linn stenberg.

the creature with a feathered face

with linn stenberg. 

trying to create a portfolio

with linn stenberg.

stockholm boogie III

stockholm boogie II

stockholm boogie

our peace and love reunion which started on skinnarviksberget and moved to bathing beneath västerbron and ended at trafiket. exactly like in stockholm boogie. therefore it was our stockholm boogie night!

peace and love XXIII


bob dylan

daniel adams-ray

you'd think that i've run out of peace and love photos already. but the truth is i haven't even looked through the pics from my other camera. i think i'll make a movie instead. love.

peace and love XXII mando diao

peace and love XVI

last night with my coco


peace and love XV

peace and love XIIII

"if it's rocking, we're making babies"

"remember to drink water and to eat crisps when it's warm!"

i scared the hell out of carro. she and jennifer were working in the information booth and i snuck by beneath the window and held up my camera and took a picture of her. she got so scared! soooo funny!

peace and love XIII


peace and love XII

these nights were blurry.

peace and love XI - imagine

peace and love X

peace and love VIIII

as the night came life got a bit blurry..

black and whites

peace and love VIII

peace and love VII

woho! cooking dinner on our trangia kitchen!

peace and love VI

peace and love V

chilling with anneli, amanda, daniel and sara.

peace and love IIII

chilling with anneli and jakob.

imagine II

i am home and my beatufil tattoo has healed.

peace and love III

us cooking breakfast after twentythree hours of not eating. but it was so worth it! i got to see henrik berggren play.