dublin: the movie

while i'm at school studying my brains out i hope you'll enjoy this one. lots of love!

imagine what it would be like...

dublin: at the irish museum of modern art

dublin, 110304 | one weren't aloud to take picture inside the museum, except for the café, which was kinda lovely!

dublin: super coolest hostel!

dublin, 110304 | if i ever go to dublin again, that's where i'm gonna stay!

dublin: best breakfast!

dublin, 110304 | best dublin breakfast ever! too bad i don't remember what it's called...

anyone wanna give me these in size six?

via hawtvintage | if you've got a pair of these and don't want them, email me: petronella@ninetythreesecrets.com.

this is bad for you

stockholm, 1103something | don't start smoking. in the end it can kills you.

girls night friday

stockholm, 110325 | weei! this friday we spent the night together making waffles and watching movies!

when we missed our train stop and had to walk two stops back

stockholm, 110325 | this friday we were on the train and we missed our stop with about a second. and then the train didn't stop at the next one, so we had to walk two stops to get to our final destination. i loved it!

we had the day off

dublin: friends.

howth, ireland, 110303 | i love you.

dublin: the temple bar

dublin, 110303.

dubiln: a pub where we weren't really aloud

dublin, 110303 | we went to a pub. we didn't notice until we were about to leave that the age limit was twentyone years old.

dublin: hotel winer

dublin, 110303 | continuence on the previous post.

dubiln: hotel room dinner

dublin, 110303 | one day we had a little dinner in our hotel room, just because we'd had so much for lunch. for dinner we bought us a bottle of wine, we only forgot that we didn't have either glasses or a bottle opener... but we managed anyhow!

tell my stories to the ones i love

dublin: sunshine upon the liffey

dublin, 110303 | the warmest moment of our entire trip.

dublin: more photographies from howth

howth, ireland, 110303 | perfect place.

dublin: three from howth

howth, ireland, 110303.

we are a mess, we are failiures and we love it

skins generation three, final scene. we love it.


stockholm, 110322 | fanny fristedt.


stockholm, 110322 | spring's here. can even feel it in the classrooms.

rubik's cube

dublin: historic howth village

howth, ireland, 110303 | lovely little town, that is!

dublin: narrow steps in howth

howth, ireland, 110303.

dublin: mommy's ice cream café

howth, ireland, 110303 | maud's café! just like mommy!

dublin: surprise

howth, ireland, 110303 | i just love this!

dublin: i've been running around..

howth, ireland, 110303 | somewhere in the harbour of howth. this is lovely signe.

dublin: the most beautiful

dublin, 110303 | signe edström.

dublin: breakfast babes

dublin, 110303 | i ordered an apple scone but i got a raspberry one, but it was just as good so i didn't really mind.

dublin: the movie

dublin: by river liffey

dublin, 110302 | lovely place. in the photos are signe and my second cousin. i love the lights.

dublin: a cliff in howth

howth, ireland, 110303 | beautifulness.

dublin: in the harbour of howth

howth, ireland, 110303 | i like this. that's me and i'm freezing like hell. but i still love it.

dublin: super cool café

dublin, 110302 | lovely café with best strawberry milkshake in town! felt like something from a 50's movie!

dublin: just having a guinness

guinness storehouse, dublin, 110302 |

dublin: in the streets

dublin, 110302 | in the streets of dublin. say hi to saint patrick!

i so can't wait for the runaway!

| jack o'connell, will you marry me?

dublin: same same but different

guinness storehouse, dublin, 110302 | love these. signe made the upper one and i made the latter.

hands touching hands

with hedvig winter & sofia edström. 


stockholm, 110316 | this is beautiful.

harbour thingy

stockholm, 110315.

sunny days

stockholm, 110316 | lovely afternoon coffee (but i didn't drink coffee. i drank apple juice) by the water.

mister carls

stockholm, 110315 | johan carls.


stockholm, 110315.

with soles bouncing

stockholm, 110315 | my favourite shoes.

dublin: hot chocolate at sweeney's

dublin, 110302 | we had our first dublin breakfast at sweeney's café/restaurant/bar. lovely hot chocolate!

dublin: don't enter!

guinness storehouse, dublin, 110302 | speaks for itself.

people left their trash

stockholm, 110315 | people left their trash on the whatever-it's-called-by-the-water...

relaxing in the sunshine

stockholm, 110315 | don't tell anyone, but that's just some random guy..!

dublin: the temple bar

dublin, 110301 | probably the most touristy place in dublin, but what the hell. it was lovely!


Canon EOS 1000D + Canon EF 50mm f/1,8 II
Portrait: Marcus Appelberg
Stockholm, Sweden

Canon EOS 1000D + Canon EF 50mm f/1,8 II
Portrait: Arne Andersson
Lindön, Sweden

Canon EOS 1000D + Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II
Model: Linn Stenberg
Stockholm, Sweden

Canon EOS 1000D + Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II
Model: Linn Stenberg
Stockholm, Sweden

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the traveller

stockholm, 110315 | i wanna be the traveller.

miss alina

alina, stockholm, 110315 | beautiful girl on a beautiful, but hectic, morning.

dublin elephant & castle dinner

dublin, 110301 | the next to best burger i've ever had. the best was the one from this place.

dublin: one man band #2

dublin, 110305 | love it.

dublin: up in the air

somewhere between stockholm and dublin, 110301.

dublin: one man band

dublin, 110305 | i love the little street musicians that are all over dublin. makes a cosy town, really.

dublin: hippie van!

dublin, 110305 | one day we'll have our own!

dublin: silhouette

howth, dublin 110303 |

dublin: howth

dublin, howth 110303 | beautiful.

dublin: howth

dublin, howth 110303 | i've got about 6000 pictures from dublin and howth for mine and signe's holiday trip. the only problem is that my laptop is at the laptop hospital and won't be back for a few weeks, which means i'm on my mum's laptop (which is my old laptop). this is the slowest laptop on the planet. litteraly. it took me fortyfive minutes just to upload this pic. you get the story, right? not too much lovely dublin-photos until i get my laptop back. lots of love, anyway!

see you in dublin!

River Liffey, Dublin, Ireland
leaving for dublin today. back on saturday! lots of love.