the siesta festival!

me. / okay, see you guys next week! now i'm leaving for the siesta festival! i'll have a blast! lots of love!

e&e sunglasses

me. / in my super cool sunglasses. thank you ebba and thank you e&e!

the smokers

via the smokers.

mother's day

on the down side my mother doesn't want be photographed..

another one like me

double exposure

the camera necklace

signe gave me this for my birthday. i wore it today. puss.


the winner


good day, morning glory

sources on my tumblr.

twenty eight

sources on my tumblr.


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when people tell you you're too old for cuddly toys:

via all in the mind | like me and my monkey!

blue skies

seaside edward t cooke and gid sedgewick

by my best friend

"du stannar i rörelsen. just nu är du omgiven av ett oändligt antal möjliga framtider - vilken ska du välja? för det är ditt val. just nu är allting möjligt. bara du vill. bara du vill."
- signe

gid sedgewick & edward t cooke singing mumford and sons


for a competition

hi ya! at the moment i am entering a little contest, trying to win a canon g12. the short movie above is my competition entry, and i thought it might be awesome since it's not an ordinary movie. it's my coolest stopmotion movie! wish me luck!

(the answer to the question is 29 minutes and 59 seconds in hd format)

harry hurlock painting video

final painting video one by harryhurlock

so very inspiring.

all the sources are available on my tumblr. or you could just click the pictures.

twenty four

sources on my tumblr.

fire fighters IIII

fire fighters III: putting out a fire

at rescue services yesterday | we set a car on fire and then we had to put it out. i'm the one with the unifire!

fire fighters II

at rescue services yesterday | awesome day!

fire practice

at rescue servies yesterday | coolest thing! we got to lie in a big container and watch it burn.

fire fighters IIIII

fire fighters

at rescue services today | adam, oscar, our teacher anders, daniel.

they kissed on the lips!

via that's rock solid | prettiest children ever!

in the paradise land III


police dog

massive inspiration bomb

sources on my tumblr.

portraits from saturday

the blue balloon

the edstrom walls

at signes house. i just love it!

down by the lake

i just have to post this again!

it's nowhere close the real deal, but still, this is bloody fantastic!

in the paradise land II

with fanny fristedt.

catherine unseen: seriously fantastic!

photos by catherine unseen | i'm in love with this blog. so bloody fantastic! love it love it love it! and she is so kind!

via my inspiration base

via my tumblr.

yey for polka dotted playsuits!


fishtail braid

thursday breakfast

orange- and passion friut juice, sandwich and fruit sala with pineapple, kiwi and banana!

i want one II

via my tumblr and stadsteatern | why the hell does albin flinkas (last two) have to be gay?! i want him!

...and the one who stole my glasses

wednesday breakfast

juice, melon and youghurt with bran flakes and banana. yum!

flower power makes a summer


hair the musical II

it's nowhere close the real deal, but still, this is bloody fantastic!

hair the musical

all photos from stadsteatern | oh my fucking god! i love love love this musical! pure perfection!

dancing on my own

with fanny fristedt.

in the paradise land

with fanny fristedt.

sparks of colours


my actual breakfast

i wish this would be my breakfast

twenty great ones

via my tumblr.


pancake cakes

saturday night dinner preaparations

gissa parafrasen:

i want one

pics via my tumblr.

be and double you

reach out and touch

with joakim engqvist.

sitting in the sun

first aid fashion

the hippie van

the owl

black bears

peace and love! siesta!

via weheartit | can't wait.

hey girl


drawing board

babadeo bababadeo!