save the world

come here, kitty


portfolio material?

with amanda koskela.

ireland: dublin bridges

ireland: somewhere in the middle of ireland

i took a tour across the entire island of ireland to see the cliffs of moher. i believe this was the first stop.

ireland: pub night in dublin


movie: amanda

a koskela

with amanda koskela.




in a big the sims three period at the moment.

amanda k

the swamp

with amanda koskela.

myself II




the vampire mistress

with desirée brutar, edgar follin & amanda koskela.


out shooting amanda koskela again.

ireland: a guinness at the temple bar

ireland: irish musicians

harvest moon, save tonight, galway girl.

ireland: streets of a city

ireland:the elephant and castle

head waiter, ginger ale, salt and peppar.

johan whale

ireland: the wall

the bridge hotel, signe!

ireland: the foggy dew

ireland: pretty pub


ireland: elskåp

ireland: breakfast

ireland: the four courts

ireland: some bar with a second cousin

ireland: eddie rocket's

ireland: caught a plane and went to dublin

chicas bonitas

balcony coffee

anna westergren

thank you, catarina seixas

i loved it!

signe subway station

coolest girl alive.