i went to london with karolina IV

lunch II

turquoise IV

half-done painting

waiting for the oil to dry. that'll probably take a week or something. i don't know anything about colours.

winter winds

the room with the crooked floor

london IV aquarium


turquoise III


it's cold around me

with johan carls.

china thai




so happy that you are my friend

archive III

with amanda koskela.

archive II

with amanda koskela.

archive I


watched new skins episode, week complete!

the swamp II

with amanda koskela.


snow II


feel extremely lame for posting way too ordinary, unoriginal snow shots.

rough III

amanda and elin

missing signe, missing dublin

straight out of the camera


tube ride


i went to london with karolina III

i used to know

posted the original a while back, but this is freaking amazing!

beauty beauty beauty

hermione's time turner

from the harry potter section of hamley's in london

listen listen listen

i went to london with karolina II

i went to london with karolina I

52 weeks: surrealism

on my way home


unpublished beauty

with amanda koskela.

j. l.

the photo was found on google, and i montaged it.

koski kitty

with amanda koskela.

saknar dig lite

with johan carls.

7:05 leaving for london with karro

john lennon / aaron johnson


going to london tomorrow

taken almost a year ago.

52 weeks: copy an album cover

first week's assignment was to copy an album cover. thank heaven for photoshop!

mr young


feel like doing it analogue

find some analogues from this summer. really psyched to bring the ricoh to london on tuesday. the question is: can i afford to develope them when i get back?

the camera satchel that's actually red

first night in st ives

shot by sanna, 2010

want to go see stonehenge

when we were there in 2009.

cliché list

1. did you do something you've never done before? got a tattoo, travelled alone, went to a festival
2. did you keep your new year's resolution? i never make new year's resolutions
3. did any of your friends become parents this year? no
4. did anyone close to you die? no
5. which places did you visit? london, dublin, howth, hässleholm, borlänge, lindön, dublin, cliffs of moher, göteborg, kristinehamn
6. did you miss something during 2011 that you'll have in 2012? love
7. which date from 2011 will you always remember? 11.02.10-11.02.13, 10.03.01-10.03.05 and 10.10.03-10.10.06
8. biggest sucess in 2011? my photography
9. biggest mistake? i don't regret anything
10. have you been sick or hurt? tons of colds
11. best buy? my new camera
12. on what did you spend most money? the canon eos 5d mkII and travels
13. did something make you really happy? my friends and my mother and my brother
14.what songs will always remind you of 2011? lars winnerbäck - jag har väntat på ett regn
15.were you happier of sadder than last year? happier
16. what do you wish you'd done more? slept
17. what do you wish you'd done less? spent money
18. how did you spend christmas? with family and relatives
19. did you fall in love? no
20. best show? skins, true blood, misfits, the vampire diaries, how i met your mother
21. the best book you read? didn't read any
22. best musical discovery? the ark
24. something you wished for and got on your birthday? a trip to london with my mother

25. something you wished for but didn't get? love
26. what did you do on your birthday? was in london, saw the lion king musical and had dinner at jamie oliver's restaurant in covent garden
27. is there anything that could've made your year better? no
28. how would you describe your style in 2011? varying
29. what made you happy? photography, friends, mother and brother, travels
30. what celebrity was the hottest? aaron johnson
31. who did you miss? my dad
32. the best new person you met? amanda koskela


i miss you

just had a quick talk with signe, in china. it felt so good to finally hear her voice again and now i just miss her even more. to the point where i'm almost crying. i miss you.


amandas new

pretty gril

diy: sparkle baby

feel proud, look what i did!

turquoise II

just had to post another one. so proud!



black and whites

sources to all of these can be found here.


from fyeahhippies

new years eve II

new years eve I