christina perri II

awith christina perri.

christina perri

with christina perri at peace and love.

the audience from ninety feet in the air

read about my flight here!

billy idol @ peace and love

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melissa horn @ peace & love

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lars winnerbäck @ peace and love

read about it here.

when i met mumford & sons


regina spektor @ peace and love

very important persons II

roxette @ peace and love



my grandfather.

hilda & maja I

nelly furtado

very important persons

sandra hellstenius, petronella åslund/me, lina blomqvist, christine gelfgren & nathalie gologan att mtv world stage gothenburg.


i have been accepted to berghs school of communication and i received a scholarship for it! well done me! above is the photographs i applied with.

festival24 on plaza II

festival24 on plaza

utspring tvåtusentolv

graduation lunch

read here.

champagne breakfast II

champagne breakfast

the best day with the best people i know. love. and now it's over. read more here.

tomorrow's the day

post with prose here.

graduation days

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i have recieved some questions of why i am doing so much concert photography at the moment. the answer to that is that i've landed a job for the summer. as a festival photographer at that means that me and the festival24-team will visit a couple of festivals during this summer, starting with siesta! last week. festivals still to come is summerburst stockholm, peace and love, roskilde, way out west and popaganda. guess who's excited!

you can find my festivalblog here or click the image above.

lars winnerbäck

read my post about the winnerbäck gig on my festival24-blog.

death cab for cutie

death cab for cutie at siesta!


nofx at siesta!

landet II

landet I

siesta festival day four II

with julia ottosson, lina blomqvist, victor forsberg, oskar från örebro & christine gelfgren at siesta!

siesta festival day four

with victor forsberg, christine gelfgren, sandra hellstenius, lina blomqvist, oskar från örebro & andreas löfstrand.

urban cone

urban cone at siesta!


with familjen at siesta!

siesta festival day two

with nathalie gologan, andreas löfstrand, petronella åslund/me, albin rossing, marie carlsson, sara wide gustafsson, johanna ekdal, victor forsberg & christine gelfgren.

the hives

the hives at siesta!

rebecca & fiona

rebecca & fiona at siesta!

raised fist

raised fist at siesta!


with eldkvarn and audience at siesta!

siesta! IV

with urban cone & familjen.

siesta! III