blue star equiculture, massachusetts II

 pictures from our visit at blue star equiculture in palmer, massachusetts in march. shot on 35mm black and white film.

blue star equiculture, massachusetts

shot on 35mm fuji color film.
this weekend me and my two icp friends angie garcia and julia pontes went on a roadtrip to massachusetts to get out of this loud, fast city for a while. we went all the way to springfield, massachusetts! there we visited paul and pam rickenbach-moshimer at their horse farm, blue star equiculture, where they take care of retired work horses. pam and paul were so warm and welcoming and are doing an amazing job with all thirtytwo horses!
it was such an amazing trip and a well-deserved break from school stress and new york city!


exhibited at the swedish photo convention this weekend.



leader of the heard


children and seafood




the lobster fisherman

the herd

the island XII

read about my stay here.

the island XI

cat II


london IV aquarium

kitty cat

frida the cat

her black and white smile

with amanda koskela & horse.

police dog

the owl

black bears


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