tonight, from four to eight o'clock, me and my classmates will open our first exhibition, celebrate it with beer and friends at galleri kontrast, hornsgatan 8, stockholm. you're all welcome!

dark and hurt

with shila forsman.

marta the welder II

model: marta, fading beauties. hair: joacim carlsson. makeup: lisa fredriksson. stylist: evelina nässén.

car light

with desirée brutar. and yes, we killed the car battery for this denim editorial.

in the fourties

with christine gelfgren.

what the water gave me III


striped II

bubbeli II

the teacher

dish and ring


the rm project II

the rm project


berghs assignment three

what the water gave me

with desirée brutar.

berghs assignment one

our first assignment was to describe ourselves and/or our lives in eight pictures.

desirée II

with desirée brutar.

minna IV

with minna månsson.

i create my own ways


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