what is beauty?

i'm still alive! but i spend most of my time printing in the schools darkrooms, reading for art history or trying to figure out what to make of my very philosophic portraiture class. in this weeks history essay i'm discussing the concept of beauty and how that changes dependig on "beauty lighting", retouching and how far we can go with photoshop to make people beautiful - and the fact that i treat an image differently if i am in it... and how an image can possibly go from beauty/fashion to art with just post-processing.
i have printed these out in postcard size and pasted them together, to make them double sided, to hand in in class tomorrow. now, bedtime!
the photos were taken during my lighting workshop with frank franca with my group including hadi fallahpisheh, amy xian luo and marc qimeng zhao.


here's my new classmate, hope davis!

stay gold



bitter moon

model: tove lindgren.

re-edit space


red cabbage


berlin four

 on a u-bahn platform, berlin.



the abandoned house


lobster fishing


cow tub


knight of noir


you & me

ses ikväll. 

lone runner


why does the wind III

white foxes


why does the wind II


why does the wind


dunkla rum


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