memories of new york


seaside heights


i found rihanna

photography by sandra hellstenius. edit by petronella åslund.

nine months ago

bruce springsteen at ullevi, sweden.

all the festivals

now, my work at nyheter24 is done. all of it. it's been hard, giving and amazing. i've taken my step into the life of real photographer and i want you to read about my journey here.

way out west festival

leaks from roskilde

read about roskilde.

prettiest press center

read of the paradise here.

roskilde live

read about here. love!

peace & love finalé II

with andreas granfors, marie carlsson, albin rossing, claudia adamo, nathalie gologan & lina blomqvist at peace and love festival.

peace & love finalé

with nathalie gologan, lina blomqvist, claudia adamo, albin rossing, andreas granfors & marie carlsson at peace & love festival. read here.

sandra & skrillex

with skrillex & sandra hellstenius. more here.

the audience from ninety feet in the air

read about my flight here!

when i met mumford & sons


very important persons II

very important persons

sandra hellstenius, petronella åslund/me, lina blomqvist, christine gelfgren & nathalie gologan att mtv world stage gothenburg.

siesta festival day four II

with julia ottosson, lina blomqvist, victor forsberg, oskar från örebro & christine gelfgren at siesta!

siesta festival day four

with victor forsberg, christine gelfgren, sandra hellstenius, lina blomqvist, oskar från örebro & andreas löfstrand.

siesta festival day two

with nathalie gologan, andreas löfstrand, petronella åslund/me, albin rossing, marie carlsson, sara wide gustafsson, johanna ekdal, victor forsberg & christine gelfgren.

peace and love XXIII


bob dylan

daniel adams-ray

you'd think that i've run out of peace and love photos already. but the truth is i haven't even looked through the pics from my other camera. i think i'll make a movie instead. love.


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