4th of july

minolta point and shoot with expired film. 
i celebrated 4th of july with annie, her wife caitlin and all their friends. we had an amazing barbeque in their backyard with hotdogs, brisket, corn and fruit! this was what i thought living in new york would be like!

large format

here's the scanned negatives from last weekends workshop in large format photography at school, where we learnt how to work a view camera and develop 4x5 film ourselves. 


for last weeks visual thinking for magazines assignment we got to make an opening image for the article "the storm over salt". Panicking over not having a good salty image on sunday night I went into the darkroom, poured salt crystals on Darkroom RC paper and exposed it. Here's my photogram of salt.
Click the tiny image to enlarge it, to see it in layout.

mimmi's suprise babyshower


berlin seven

new years' dinner in kreuzberg, berlin.

in the baking hut



rhubarb hippie drink


parkhäng III

with petronella åslund/me & signe.

budapest, the city where no one knows english

with desirée brutar & petronella åslund/me in budapest, hungary.

ace nights V


sissel and the apple

with sissel andersson.

breakfast on the balcony

welcome to stockholm spring. finally!

been working on a report


retro glass bottle


turkey dinner

baking ginger bread cookies


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