with signe.

the camera satchel that's actually red

come let's pray for the weekend

portfolio evaluation

leaving town for a few days to visit marcus and to get my portfolio evaluated at the hff.

a lesson in lazer

by the river called liffey

dublin, 110302.

easter lillies

stockholm, 110404 | how original taking pictures of flowers. eeeh, no? i made a gif instead!

mind your head


spin my head right round

tuesday while waiting for the bus | watch out for the crazy eyes!

the dancing devil

happy green guy


playing rugby

a swing for children

inside of an old bus

today | this kinda freaks me out. it's scaaaaary, haha!

run fanny, run!

tonight | we went out for a long walk and ended it with an even longer talk.

watch it, you might slip


hedvig yesterday | fucking hilarious!



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