I am wanderingbut I am not lost 
                          I am stumbling around in the dark, but I know where I am. 
                          It might be that I am on the wrong path, going in the wrong direction. 
                          The darkness is closing in on me and I try to focus my mind. 
                          Maybe I am headed the right way, just for the wrong reasons
35mm, ilford hp5+. prague, czech republic. 8x10" silver gelatin prints.


hasselblad 500cm, 120mm, ilford hp5+. prokopské údolí park outside of prague, czech republic.

family ties III

the first week

on the threshold of a dream

self portrait.

marta the welder

model: marta from fading beauties. hair: joacim carlsson. makeup: lisa fredriksson. stylist: evelina nässén.

berghs assignment three

all the other kids


i have been accepted to berghs school of communication and i received a scholarship for it! well done me! above is the photographs i applied with.

went to a portfolio review... II

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