memories of new york


pic nic

one sunday afternoon a few weeks ago we just decided to skip working on our photography and had a pic nic in central park.
hasselblad. porta 400 and tri-x 400.

a roll of ruined negatives


my first month II

since i moved to new york i've made a lot of new friends, spent numerous nights in numerous bars, learnt how to develop my own film, photographed the climate march and snuck in to 5 pointz, to name a few. oh, and school is fantastic!

1+2. francisco during gallery tour in chelsea. 3. meskie. 4. chad at 5 pointz before they tore it down. 6. david, sick of gallery tour in chelsea. 7. david in dumbo. 8+9. aaron and celeste portraying americaan youth. 10+11. people's climate march. 12. celeste.

new york new york

so i have finally moved to new york, which is both horrifying and exhilirating! school starts at icp, international center of photography, on monday morning! i have had a fantastic first five days. my mother flew here with me and helped me get settled in properly and then finished off with some sightseeing before she left last night. and today me and my roommates are going to coney island and a gallery opening.
1. me and my brother in the backseat on our way to arlanda airport. 2. all my luggage. 3. new york skyline as seen from ikea brooklyn 4. the keys to my first apartment! 5. mother daughter selfie in central park 6. a sneak peak from my room. 7. the view from my window. 8. waking up with my monkey on thursday morning in my new room in brooklyn. 9. lady liberty! 10. me and my mother on a sightseeing ferry with the statue of liberty photobombing us.
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accepted to both parsons and icp in new york

good evening. it takes something out of the ordinary for me to actually write anything i a blog post but this is truly something special. yesterday i got my admissions letter from parsons the new school in new york, i cried happy tears and celebrated it with seeing mumford & sons playing live. when i got home after the show, in all my happiness, i found that i've been accepted to icp too! so now i have to choose between parsons and the international center of photography. either way, i'm going to new york!

same, same but different

school assignment. to create a picture on opposites. i've used the opposing colours blue and orange on the theme "micro, macro" where micro is represented in the orange and the macro in the earth. the colour one becomes a bit clearer if you make it smaller!

challenge accepted

1. in what do you feel nice?

i don't have a favourite piece of clothing or anithing like that, i mostly just feel nice being me.

2. what do you wish you could do better?

singing, maybe. there's a lot of things i want to be absolutely amazing it but since singing might come in handy while playing the guitar or the piano a kick-ass singing voice wouldn't be too bad.


3. are you in love?

nope, but i'm seeing a very great man, who will remain anonymous.

4. do you have any suprising talents?

there's loads of them, but in general no one believes that i'm a really bad ass cook even though i'm absolutely terrific in the kitchen!

5. best food right now?

the rhubarb pie waiting in the kitchen!

6. what's the meanest thing anyone's ever said to you?

i really can't think of something. at all. ...and now i've scanned my brain. i have an ability to repress when people have been mean, the extremely few times that happens. i must say i am surrounded but extremely great, beautiful people.


7. what is the worst nightmare you have ever had?

this is a dream that returns to me a couple of times per year and have done since i was about seven years old. so in this dream i am with my younger brother and my mother and i am about four years old. there are a few other people with us as well but these vary from time to time. every one of us is sitting on the floor in a tiny, tiny hut with nothing but an old oil lamp to light up the dark. around us the wind is whipping the tiny hut and salty water splashes fly in through the unglassed windows. the thing is that this tiny hut is based on top of nothing but three pillars, in the middle of the ocean and beneath this hut alligators, sharks, killer whales - and every other scary creature a seven year old might be scared of - are circling. the worst thing about this dream isn't the scary water creatures beneath us. no, the worst thing of all is that on one is saying anything at all. everything is just silent. apart from the wind.


scary as fuck.

8. what colour is your front door?

one of those ordinary, woody doors with a metal mail drop.


9. who are the three people who inspire you the most?

karin bylund.



margaux lonnberg.

10. is there anyone that always makes you happy?



11. last think you said out loud?

"inte ens google kan berätta vad tabuera betyder. du får lösa korsordet själv, mor." (wich means: not even google can tell me what "tabuera" means. you'll have to solve your crossword by yourself, mother.)


i challenge:
catarina seixas, katarina ratcliffe, rebecca fexby and whoever wants to.

art class III

archive XVI

birthday girl!

found me on my webcam

three best things right now

cliché list

1. did you do something you've never done before? got a tattoo, travelled alone, went to a festival
2. did you keep your new year's resolution? i never make new year's resolutions
3. did any of your friends become parents this year? no
4. did anyone close to you die? no
5. which places did you visit? london, dublin, howth, hässleholm, borlänge, lindön, dublin, cliffs of moher, göteborg, kristinehamn
6. did you miss something during 2011 that you'll have in 2012? love
7. which date from 2011 will you always remember? 11.02.10-11.02.13, 10.03.01-10.03.05 and 10.10.03-10.10.06
8. biggest sucess in 2011? my photography
9. biggest mistake? i don't regret anything
10. have you been sick or hurt? tons of colds
11. best buy? my new camera
12. on what did you spend most money? the canon eos 5d mkII and travels
13. did something make you really happy? my friends and my mother and my brother
14.what songs will always remind you of 2011? lars winnerbäck - jag har väntat på ett regn
15.were you happier of sadder than last year? happier
16. what do you wish you'd done more? slept
17. what do you wish you'd done less? spent money
18. how did you spend christmas? with family and relatives
19. did you fall in love? no
20. best show? skins, true blood, misfits, the vampire diaries, how i met your mother
21. the best book you read? didn't read any
22. best musical discovery? the ark
24. something you wished for and got on your birthday? a trip to london with my mother

25. something you wished for but didn't get? love
26. what did you do on your birthday? was in london, saw the lion king musical and had dinner at jamie oliver's restaurant in covent garden
27. is there anything that could've made your year better? no
28. how would you describe your style in 2011? varying
29. what made you happy? photography, friends, mother and brother, travels
30. what celebrity was the hottest? aaron johnson
31. who did you miss? my dad
32. the best new person you met? amanda koskela

just realized how amazing me and my mates are

day four: a photo of me...

...and what i was wearing. amandas silver jacket and necklace, a long, black dress and big dark red docs.

school assignment

got an assignment in school yesterday to create a new cover to an old album. and since i listened to this on my way to school this is what i came up with.

day three: favourite season

this being all of them! (all sources to be found on my tumblr.)

day two: everything in my bag

my red sketch book, my black calendar, my pen case, all of my colour pencils, my camera (the old one got to pretend to be the 5d), my traveller card, my headphones, my ipod, my pecil and my wallet.

day one: a photo of me plus ten facts about me

one: i am eighteen years old. two: i am onehundred and sixtynine centimetres high. three: i never leave the house without my camera. four: i'm broke. five: i don't really like photos in colour, black and whites are cooler. six: i am having massive trouble coming up with facts about myself. seven: i am truly uncomfortable being photographed. eight: i am very, very, very sick of school. nine: yet i want to study photography as soon as i graduate. ten: i might be in love with this amazing guy.


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